Selecting the Right Booths for Your Restaurant

There are a lot of decisions that go into making a restaurant more than just an idea. It takes a huge amount of effort, dedication, and planning to make it come to life. With furniture being the one of the most important purchases a restaurant owner can make, selecting the right booths for your restaurant can be a time-consuming endeavor. When making this important decision, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Choosing Restaurant Booths

The use of booth style seating adds more seating capacity to your restaurant while helping to restaurant seatingcreate an inviting, friendly atmosphere. It is also the most popular choice among dining guests when asked if they prefer a table or booth by the seating hostess.

When selecting the right booths for your restaurant, the first step after deciding booth seating is to measure. To know what size booth you need, measure not only the length of the wall it will be up against but also the width of how much space you are allowing to still leave ample room for customers and staff to navigate freely.

Once you have an idea of size specifications, consider the shapes available in booth seating when selecting the right booths for your restaurant. There are single, double, wall bench or custom made available in either the popular L shape or regular booth seating. An important tip to remember, while an L shape may offer more seating, it can also take up more of your floor space so figure out exactly how much seating you will need first. Keep in mind that having any booths custom made will typically take longer so be sure to plan that into your restaurant timeline to avoid any issues on opening day!

With proper measurements and shape determined, the fun of choosing the best booths to match your décor begins. Whether looking for a retro style booth with glittering vinyl to accommodate a 50’s diner vibe or a modern upholstery in a myriad of colors, the market for commercial restaurant booths offers a diverse array of choices.

Armed with these helpful insights, selecting the right booths for your restaurant can be easy!