Simplify your Selection of Restaurant Furniture!

restaurant furnitureThe Internet is your number one source for finding just about anything- including commercial seating for your guests.  By using several different browsers, a person can find a multitude of companies that sell products ranging from commercial table tops to wholesale granite tables. Another source for commercial furniture information are trade shows, which are available in many different cities, and are still a viable place to find restaurant table tops and commercial chairs.  For some people, shows at convention centers are even more useful as they are able to touch the product before purchase. Keep in mind however, that the number of vendors available there are a mere fraction compared to businesses available on the Internet.  Trade publications, existing establishments, and word of mouth are additional ways to find the furniture you need.

One underappreciated factor involved in choosing commercial furniture is trust. This point is often overlooked when we are considering the ever important matter of price, but is generally a more important consideration when deciding on a vendor.  Sometimes it seems like there are as many false or “scam” websites on the Internet as there are legitimate businesses.  A picture of an attractive commercial chair with some pretty words about how good it’s supposed to be, can be deceiving- especially when placed next to a photo of the exact same chair, made by a quality company, which now carries a higher price tag.  The phrase “the devil is in the details” is very relevant in this case.

Pictures cannot show the quality of a chair, so this is where you need to begin asking good questions about how the chair was made.  If you have some light use seating areas, then the requirements for the chairs in that area will be lower in regards to manufacturing and durability.  These factors may allow you to choose a lower priced chair.  There has been more than one restaurant owner who tried to save money by buying lower quality chairs at a lower price, who later ended up having to replace all of their chairs inside of a year.  It will save you money in the long run to find a quality vendor you trust who can do an outstanding job the first time. Partnering with an experienced vendor who has the know-how you need to match your requirements, plus the quality details and best prices available, will be a decision you cherish for years to come.

If commercial granite table tops are what you need, then you need to ask not only how they are made, but also about any related warranties or references.  Most commercial furniture vendors will have a one-year warranty for any ‘manufacturing defects’.  A manufacturing defect is a flaw caused by the vendor, not by any use or wear from the purchasing establishment.   A good vendor will usually do it right the first time, but if there is an issue, a quality vendor will take care of the problem quickly and professionally.  Try to pick a vendor that has been in business for at least 10 years and has experienced a wide variety of issues.  Managements’ time, in regard to maintenance, can also be very costly.  As an example, when a busy manager’s time is taken focusing on repairing or replacing equipment, their focus is taken away from other, more pressing customer needs.  This ability to allow each employee to focus more fully on their own duties is yet another reason for finding a quality commercial furniture vendor.

While it is obvious that furniture should match the décor of a restaurant, keep in mind that it also should match the performance of the restaurants’ budget.   Thus, it is best to stick with your pre-determined budget for furniture.  A set of over-priced wholesale outdoor chairs may not improve your sales, and may in fact prove to be an extra burden against profitability; whereas an under-priced chair may not give you the durability you need.  Choose an experienced commercial furniture vendor that can find you the best product in regards to style, comfort, and durability – while still staying within your pre-determined budget.

In conclusion, it is best to find a furniture dealer that you can trust to assist you with everything from color and comfort, to durability and the best possible pricing.  With all of the other responsibilities of opening a dining center, having a trustworthy vendor to assist you will pay off over time by keeping both management time and errors in check.  For more details on making the best furniture purchasing decisions, see an experienced online restaurant furniture dealer today.