So What About Booths

When shopping for a commercial booth for a hospitality setting, keep in mind that not all booths are created equal. Construction of the booth and the booth’s features are important considerations when choosing the right booth for your budget and application. The quality of the construction of the booth will impact its durability and comfort. A booth’s included features and options will impact its maintenance, comfort and longevity.

Quality Construction

Missouri Table & Chair’s booths are manufactured with superior construction features that contribute to the booth’s extreme durability. The booths superior construction is backed with a 5 year warranty. A warranty from a trusted source is a very important consideration when deciding from which company to purchase your commercial furniture.

This article highlights just a few of the superior construction features our booths possess, and what they contribute to the durability of a quality wholesale booth. These booths feature 4/4 and 5/4 hardwood frames. Hardwood frames make the booth stronger, and also make it last longer. The seat springs are 1 gauge thicker than most commercial furniture manufacturers. This construction feature extends the seat life of the restaurant booth.

restaurant seatingThe booth springs are machine clamped to paper-wrapped, tempered wire, to eliminate any chance of the springs moving laterally. The springs are mounted to the seat frame by G style anchor clips. The clips wrap around the frame to prevent the springs pulling away from the booth. This booth construction technique consists of Teflon spring clips to eliminate squeaking noises from the use of the booth. The booths are constructed with decking material to keep the springs of the booth hidden.

The use of high slip polyethylene to protect the foam and vinyl parts of the booths we sell is standard. These booths feature a single piece end frame that prevents back rocking. A sophisticated mechanical compression technique is used to pull the upholstery tight for a consistent and smooth appearance. This unique construction and the high attention to detail during construction of the booths provide superior comfort, durability and appearance.

Commercial Booth Application Sizing

Ordering the correct size for hospitality, break room or restaurant booth application is very important. The “normal” size industry standard for a full booth set up is 72 inches. The size needed for your commercial booth application may be more or less than 72 inches. Factors to consider are the type of restaurant and the layout. Some types of restaurants, such as pizza, Asian or Mexican style restaurants, usually require more than the 30 inch wide table top factored into the normal 72 inch booth setup. Conversely, booths for applications such as coffee shops, break rooms and/or fast food establishments, typically need a smaller than 30 inch wide table top and a smaller than 72 inch booth setup. Our booths come in custom heights and lengths, and can be sized to your exact specifications for your hospitality setting.

Important Restaurant Booth Features

There are a vast number of features that are included, or available as options, with custom restaurant booths, depending on necessity, budget, and the chosen style of booth. Many booth styles feature a head roll of some type. This is a headrest type feature that contributes to a customer’s comfort, as well as to the aesthetic design and look of the booth.

Many commercial booth styles feature a ‘crumb-strip’ on the booth. This is a separated area between the booth’s seat and back. Restaurant personnel can use a cleaning cloth to wipe this area free of debris. This crumb-strip feature is included to help in keeping the booth clean and increases the booth’s longevity. These crumbstrips can be manufactured from laminate, upholstery, or other materials.

Our booths feature high density, foam-padded, and removable sinuous spring seats. Removal of the booth seats assists with keeping the booths clean and contributes to their durability. Commercial booths can also feature many design options for the top cap and ends. Many of these top cap and ends are removable for maintenance, repair and easy cleaning. Top caps and ends can be ordered in many different options, such as wood, laminate, and/or various stains or colors. The ends of the booths can be finished on one or both ends, depending on layout and design needs.

These are just a few of the many design and manufacturing options to consider when ordering wholesale booths. A restaurant booth purchase is one where it certainly benefits the buyer to consult a knowledgeable representative from an experienced commercial furniture manufacturer and distributor.