Top Restaurant Design and Restaurant Furniture Trends for 2015

restaurant tables and chairsAppearance plays a huge part in how a business is perceived. As a first-time restaurant owner, you may need some inspiration to get an idea of how you want to style the interior of your restaurant. Get your restaurant off to a delicious start by using the current interior design trends for 2015, along with ways to customize these trends for your business.

1. The Pale Palette

Your restaurant will be ahead of the curve in interior design if it sticks to a hue scheme that uses pale colors. Powder blues, pale pinks and sandy browns are examples of the kinds of colors that can brighten up a dining space without overwhelming the eye. A pleasant atmosphere encourages customers to stay longer and eat more, which can help increase the check amount per table.

Making It Yours

If you have already chosen colors for logos, you can use these same colors in muted form for the walls, floors, tablecloths and other areas of the establishment. For example, if your logo includes indigo and a sunny yellow, fill the restaurant with touches of powder blue and faded dandelion. Steer clear of only using one color for everything, though. This can disorient the eye and be distracting.

2. Farm-to-Table

The sustainable farm-to-table movement has made its way beyond the kitchen and into the dining area. This design aesthetic embraces a slight country feel. It’s filled with open shelf displays of a lighter, more subdued color palette.

Popular restaurant tabletop options for this aesthetic include butcher block table tops. Wood table tops of varying stains and finishes complement this aesthetic as well. A butcher block restaurant table is the perfect fit for the farm-to-table trend, with light wood and sturdy construction that can seamlessly transition from the lunch hour to dinner time.

Pair a butcher block restaurant table with upholstered wood frame chairs for a classic country feel. In the bar area, combine light stains and pastel shades of blue and green. You can complete the friendly, casual tone with commercial wood bar stools.

Making It Yours

Even if your menu isn’t focused on farm-to-table dishes, don’t be afraid to immerse your customers in this aesthetic. Use simple sepia or black-and-white paintings, or photographs of farms and farm animals. You can also choose more ornate, sophisticated wooden furniture, to create a muted farm-to-table aesthetic.

3. Convertible Dining Spaces

Convertible or multi-use dining spaces offer a look of movement, industry and bustle. When you have dining space that can be used for short snack breaks or hour-long dinners, you can cater to a wider range of customers. This also allows your restaurant to be open during more mealtimes throughout the day.

Here, the trick is to combine the restaurant space with coffee and bakery bars to make maximum full-day use of your space. For the front-of-house, start with pedestal restaurant table bases and sleek modern bar stools. Add a few sidewalk tables to draw customers in. For the dining area, choose a base and then add a top in either durable granite or cost effective laminate.

Making it Yours

You may think that your space is too small for multiple dining areas. If that’s the case, keep the same area and make shifts to the look. For instance, as lunch customers leave, replace the tablecloths and centerpieces to match your dinner time aesthetic.

You may also find that you don’t have enough room in the front of your restaurant for outside tables. If this is the case, consider converting the back of your space into a deck area where people can eat. Al fresco dining, especially in warm weather, is appealing for many customers.

Designing the look and feel of you restaurant can be daunting, but it will be one of your most important tasks as a restaurant owner. These are three trends for restaurant interior design that can help you start planning for the layout and look of your restaurant. Paired with excellent cuisine and reasonable prices, great interior design helps turn first-time customers into life-long patrons.