Trends in Hospitality Furniture

While true style never goes out of vogue, trends keep life fun and exciting. For the hospitality industry, following trends has become a necessity to keep guests intrigued. To stay current in the industry and keep the atmosphere fresh, business owners need to keep abreast of the latest trends in hospitality furniture.

Trends in Hospitality Furniture

One of the most popular trends in hospitality furniture is making items that are old into a new outdoor granite restaurant tablescreation. The concerned consumers of the world today are passionate about the environment and conservation efforts. Even in hospitality furniture, people are looking for furniture that has been repurposed from other items, authentic antiques and vintage, and hand-crafted products.

Another green trend in the hospitality industry is using locally sourced products, whether chairs from local trees or pillows manufactured in the same state to cut down on gas emissions.

With the earth-friendly trends in hospitality furniture continuing to take over, there is also an increasing emphasis on blending the natural elements of the outdoors with the often artificial indoors to create a harmonious environment. Many hospitality businesses are moving away from bright, bold colors for more neutral, earthy tones, as well as focusing on more soothing graphics instead of the in-your-face style of the past few years. They are also using more wood and granite furniture instead of plastic or aluminum to add to the natural vibe guests are looking for.

Another popular trend in furniture for the hospitality industry is the notion of making furniture smaller. Keeping with the eco-friendly frame of mind, many hotels are opting for smaller chairs and tables to take up less space and consume less of the planets valuable resources. Hospitality leaders are discovering that guests do not necessarily prefer larger loungers to having more floor space. An open use of floor space can not only make a guest feel less cramped, but it can also make the entire room look bigger.

No matter what the hot trends are in hospitality furniture, it is always essential to know your guests and what they expect from your business. However, knowing what they like doesn’t mean you can’t shake the room up with a fun, fresh trend!