Unique Butcher Block Tables

restaurant butcher block tableDo you want a truly unique style of table for your restaurant?  Butcher block restaurant tables would definitely be categorized as unique.  What is the definition of unique?  The online dictionary at Merriam-Webster.com defines unique as existing as the only one.  In other words, unique means something is one of a kind.

Butcher block tables are made by taking strips of oak, ash, or other types of wood and gluing them together to create a solid surface.  Since no two strips of wood are exactly the same, each butcher block table has its own unique characteristics.  Every butcher block table will contain the same warm wood tones, but will have its own unique grain.

Butcher block tables are made even more unique when customized with the wide variety of stain options available.  Butcher block tables from Missouri Table and Chair can be custom matched to any stain color option.  Butcher block tables are very popular for restaurants because when purchased in a large quantity and various sizes, they can all be stained the same gorgeous color, but still be displayed for some individuality.

Butcher block tables can also be manufactured in custom sizes.  They can be made in almost any size from small, round two person tables up to custom tables that are 10 feet long.  The standard thickness for butcher block restaurant tables from Missouri Table and Chair is 1 ½ inches, but they can also be custom made up to 3 inches resulting in a truly one of a kind table.