Using Restaurant Granite Table Tops to Increase Sales

granite restaurant tablesGranite table tops are very popular, and you can use their popularity to make more sales whether you place them inside your restaurant or on your restaurant patio.  Homeowners have been using granite on their kitchen counter tops and islands for many years.  Many other surface materials have been introduced, but granite is as popular as ever today.  With many customers being aware of the benefits of granite, you can increase sales in your restaurant by giving your customers the same experience with granite table tops.  Below is the inside scoop and the many benefits of restaurant granite table tops.


The uniqueness and solid feel of granite really adds to the restaurant experience, helping to attract repeat customers.  Before buying granite for your restaurant, go to a restaurant that has granite and consider for yourself if it is something your customers would enjoy.

Indoor and outdoor use

Granite can be used indoors or outside on the patio.  Many people are not aware it can be used outdoors, even though it is a rock that makes up much of the crust of the earth.  Actually, granite is an igneous rock, which means that it has been cooled from molten lava and frozen into the rock.  Be aware if considering restaurant granite tables for outdoor use, if they are used in combination with wood support or wood that makes up the interior part of the table top, the wood needs to be protected from moisture.


Granite tables are very durable for normal restaurant dining use, and require little maintenance.  Knowing the following 4 secrets to keeping a granite table looking great will help you extend the life of your tables.

  1. Do not bang granite tables together as they tend to chip if hit together hard enough.
  2. Make sure to use a substantial restaurant table base or the weight of the granite may crack the granite table top.  Two “T” bases may be required for supporting long rectangular tables.
  3. Have a regular maintenance program to catch any defects that occur, so they don’t escalate into a major issue.
  4. Some granite tables, especially marble, will need to be sealed regularly to avoid stains and to keep debris from the voids.  Be aware that all granite does not consist of the same density.

Easy cleaning

Granite restaurant tables are very easy to clean.  Use the regular cleaning solution recommended by your purveyor of cleaning supplies.  Chemicals and liquids, along with sharp objects like knives, will not hurt granite.


Separate your restaurant from the competition by using granite to bring in more sales.  Unlike laminates where each color can be reproduced exactly, each granite table will be slightly different, as granite is made by nature, not manufactured by a factory.  Some granite tables have muted colors and others can be rather exotic.  As expected, the more exotic the granite colors are, the higher the price.

Low Relative Cost

The cost of granite tables is very comparable to solid wood table tops, and more expensive than laminates.  Consider that cost is only a function of your return on investment, because if granite is something your customers would like and you think you could turn more tables with granite, then granite tables become relatively inexpensive.  Remember, unlike many tables, like wood for example, which may wear out and need to be re-finished, granite will not have that future expense as it should maintain its’ fresh look for as long as the restaurant is operating.

So do some homework, see if granite table tops meet your target customer, and wow them with the beauty of granite.  Excellent sales can follow the use of granite in the right application.