What are the Best Restaurant Bases for Your Patio?

outdoor restaurant bases and tablesChoosing bases for restaurant patio tables requires more consideration than just finding a matching design. Bases should also adequately support the table tops, while withstanding the elements. Before placing an order for a table top, it’s advisable to look for the appropriate base, preferably with the help of a professional. When it comes to materials however, the most durable and weather resistant outdoor bases are made from aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron.


For coastal areas, an aluminum table base would be the best choice. Lightweight, durable and rust-resistant, it is the most typical outdoor base used in restaurants. It is easier for clients to join tables when extra seats are needed, and for the staff to carry the bases indoors when the weather demands it. Ideal for light table tops, aluminum bases come in several sizes and styles, such as T-base, round-base and square-base. However, they are not recommended in windy locations where they can be displaced or even toppled by strong gusts, unless they are bolted down or have weighted bases.

Stainless Steel

For large or heavy table tops, such as granite, butcher block and marble, the perfect material for the base is stainless steel. Requiring only occasional maintenance, it is rust-proof and superior to ordinary steel. When ordinary steel is powder coated, painted or chrome plated, it requires the same attention as cast iron to avoid corrosion resulting from chipping or scratches. Stainless steel provides great stability during inclement weather, while proving to be highly resistant to UV damage.

Concrete-Weighted Base

For table tops that come with umbrella holes, the bases have bottoms that are typically filled with weighty concrete or sand. It is heavy enough to effectively anchor the entire table when the umbrella is buffeted by powerful winds. The ballast—concrete or sand—is encased in stainless steel, plastic or other materials. Free standing umbrellas are another option, if regular table tops are preferred; however, this setup could require more space, but allows for more flexibility to shade customers which they will appreciate.

When selecting outdoor restaurant patio bases, always take into account variables like table top weight, climate, maintenance, and the importance of portability. As always, doing a little more research before talking to the supplier goes a long way.