What Furniture Should I Buy for My New Restaurant

Restaurant TablesSelecting the right furniture for a restaurant, bar, cafe or hotel can be one of the most rewarding elements of the design process. There are nearly endless combinations of furniture and tables, which means restaurant owners should understand what kind of atmosphere they want, how furniture materials work in relation to color schemes and lighting and how the furniture can enhance the overall customer’s experience.

Wood Restaurant Tables

Wood is a classic choice for restaurants, bars and cafes that can fit most decor. It’s also resilient, easy to care for and ages well. There are many styles of wood restaurant tables available, including round solid oak models and wood tables that can be stained with the desired color.  Wooden table tops usually draw restaurant owners and designers who want to offer a great dining experience or a simple, clean design.

Butcher Block Table Top

The butcher block table top is a specialty table that comes in a variety of woods.  It fits great in a steakhouse, sports bar or any restaurant that wants to add a timeless piece of furniture to its interior design.

Butcher block restaurant tables can last a lifetime with a polyurethane top coat to protect against water damage and spills. There are many stains available to choose with a butcher block table as well, meaning you have customization options to make your restaurant furniture stand out.

Granite Restaurant Tables

Granite has a gorgeous, polished look that guests love. This sturdy material comes in a variety of colors, patterns and shapes, meaning you can find the right piece of granite for virtually any interior design. Granite also offers a smooth, reflective surface that can work well with accent lighting and add a special splash of color that’s enhanced by its polished finish.

Hospitality businesses who want their tables to become a focal point often choose granite restaurant tables. That’s why they’re a popular choice in cafes, restaurants with patios, and eateries that simply want to add a beautiful piece to their establishment.

Resin Tables

Resin restaurant table tops combine wood, heat, resins and special craft techniques to produce a unique table. In fact, the process of making these tables provides nearly endless options for designs and colors based on your needs.

Choose detailed designs that emulate works of art or simply choose a solid color. Resin tables are durable and work well both indoors and outdoors. This type of table attracts owners who want the great look of wood but want more customization than typically seen in standard wood table tops.

Restaurant Table Bases

Standard metal and aluminum bases offer a very solid support for tables and come in a variety of shapes and styles. Bolt down bases are also a great option for restaurants and businesses that want to ensure their customers’ comfort. This option is especially popular in bars and restaurants where owners know exactly what kind of fixed layout they want.

At the same time, ornate and designer bases are also a very popular option for those who want a base that speaks directly to a customer. These bases offer patterns and flourishes that are surely to receive a positive response and accentuate a table’s overall look.