What’s Your Perfect Option for Restaurant Bar Stools?

restaurant bar stoolsYour particular type of restaurant or business can have a major impact on the type of bar stool you should purchase.  What type of barstool works best in your specific circumstances?  The answer to that question is to take a look at the type your type of business. Certain styles of restaurant bar stools work well in certain business types, whether it is a sports bar, diner, or hotel lounge.  This blog features general information on bar stools that would work well for each.

1. Sports bar

Many sports bars feature a large area of bar seating, and many dedicate space to multiple bar areas within the establishment.  These restaurants normally feature numerous televisions and satellite packages to entice sports fans to come and watch sporting events they may not have access to at home.  Sports bars also cater to customers who just want to hang out and watch the game with their friends in a large space.

What type of bar stool works best for a sports bar?  The first key to a great bar stool for a sports bar is comfort.  Many sporting events, such as a football game, baseball game, or NASCAR race can be three hours or longer.  If a customer stays for the duration, you need a bar stool that’s comfortable for someone to be seated on for most of that three hours.

Bar stools for sports bars also need to be durable.  If you have a sports bar that is generally very busy, your barstools will get a lot more use than they would in a restaurant that concentrates mostly on dining customers.  Sports bars also need bar stools that are easy to maintain.  Seats and backs that are made of metal or wood, are preferable to chairs with upholstered fabrics that can get ripped or stained by spilled drinks and food.  If you desire an upholstered seat, consider inexpensive vinyl upholstery which will be comfortable, but easier to clean and maintain.

2. Hotel Lounge

Hotels that feature a lounge area normally include a serene, sophisticated décor.  Soft lights, soft music and a relaxing ambience create an oasis for the harried business person who just wants to unwind after a long day of traveling or meetings.  When purchasing seating for a hotel lounge, barstools that feature comfort and elegance are a perfect fit.  Wooden barstools add a warm tone to a hotel lounge.  Wood restaurant bar stools are available in a wide variety of stain color options, and the chair and seat back color options are almost limitless.   Adding a custom upholstered seat option to the wood barstools will give your customers very comfortable seating, and will allow you to perfectly match the bar stool to your color theme and décor

3. Diners

As the name would suggest, diners are mostly concentrated on food and casual dining.  Customers of diners want a comfortable atmosphere, great food and great value for their money.  Many of these customers will bring their kids and families to a diner.  Restaurant furniture for diners needs to be practical, durable and easy to clean and maintain.   Normally, barstools in a diner will be placed at a long communal dining counter, or a horseshoe shaped counter that makes it easier for serving these diners.  If purchasing barstools for a diner, round backless metal barstools with a vinyl seat that can be ground mounted around the bar area are a great choice.  Metal bar stools with a bucket seat are also a popular movable option.  Practically any metal bar stool with a vinyl seat option in the color of your choice will be perfect for your diner style restaurant.