Wholesale Patio Furniture Design Tips

outdoor restaurant furnitureAs a restaurant owner, take some time researching the outdoor dining spaces of your industry and competitors.  There are many new design themes and trends restaurant owners can use to design an outdoor dining space of their own, or to renovate their existing outdoor decks and patios.  Creating an appeal restaurant patio is easy. Simply start with your restaurant patio tables, add matching restaurant patio chairs, and mix in some outdoor restaurant barstools.

1. Start with Restaurant Patio Tables

Restaurant patio tables are the cornerstone of any well designed restaurant patio.  Start with your selection of a gorgeous table style, and build the rest of your restaurant patio around the tables.  Some great options for outdoor restaurant table tops are discussed here.  Granite table tops with a lightweight design are excellent for outdoor use as they are more easily movable.  Granite tables require virtually no maintenance and are very easy to clean.  Granite tables can be found in a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit into any patio design.  They can be paired with a vast array of styles of outdoor restaurant chairs and barstools.

Werzalit table tops are another excellent outdoor table style choice. Werzalit consists of a molded laminate table top.  Werzalit tops are seamless and weather resistant, and have been proven in extreme conditions around the world.  They are made using a special process combining resin and woods with pressure and heat.  Werzalit table tops are also available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Other choices in outdoor restaurant tables include stainless steel and teak.  Outdoor stainless steel table tops provide a contemporary option in outdoor table tops.  They are easily movable for cleaning and combining seating for large groups.  Outdoor stainless steel tables are also a very budget friendly option.

2. Add Restaurant Patio Chairs

Of course, any well designed restaurant patio will need quality, attractive outdoor restaurant chairs.  Quality commercially rated outdoor chairs are available in a variety of colors and styles to perfectly complement your selection of restaurant patio tables.  Aluminum patio chairs are an excellent option for commercial use.  Aluminum patio chairs are waterproof and light weight making them excellent for patios, where ease of movement is essential.  Many styles of aluminum patio chairs are also stackable which makes storing them much easier.  Aluminum patio chairs are available with many styles of accenting backs and seats, such as wicker, teak and polyprolene.  They are also available in a vast array of styles, colors and designs.

Some other choices in restaurant patio chairs are weave chairs with a wicker appearance, cast aluminum for a wrought iron look, and clear molded polycarbonate for a contemporary feel, among others.  A wide variety of these restaurant patio chairs are available with or without arms to accommodate each specific patio design.

3. Mix in Restaurant Patio Barstools

Just like with outdoor chairs, outdoor patio barstools come in many colors and styles to match patio chairs and tables.  When shopping for patio barstools, look for options that are commercially rated patio. There are many choices in outdoor barstools that feature a lightweight design for easy mobility. The large selection available ensures there are plenty of attractive and durable design choices.