Why Choose Metal Chairs For Restaurants

metal restaurant chairFor many years, wooden chairs were the standard found in most every venue in which food was served.  Metal chairs were traditionally reserved for the meeting and banquet rooms.  But whether the demand was for more durability, or different styling, commercial metal restaurant chairs have found their way into the main stream.

The durability of metal chairs for restaurants is superior to most wooden chairs when welded joints are used.  The weld at the joint where the parts come together holds much better than glue in that same joint.  Be cautious of using metal chairs with a bolt and a nut to secure the joints – even with a lock washer, this type of construction needs regular maintenance to make sure the chair joints stay tight and safe for your clientele.  Construction using the bolt and nut is typically found in retail metal chairs for the home kitchen or dining room.  Fast food chains have also moved away from wooden chairs and toward the plastic and metal chairs, as wood finishes do not last very long compared to metal finishes.

In regard to décor, metal restaurant chairs can jazz up any space.  The metal frame that is usually black can be painted any color. Also, instead of using solid wood, metal chairs can have a plywood seat, overlaid with foam and then vinyl.  Vinyl, of course, comes in many colors, so you can choose a one with which to blend the furnishings with the color scheme of the space.

Finally, the price of metal restaurant chairs is surprisingly low compared to high quality wood chairs.  The price and durability of metal restaurant chairs may make these chairs a better choice for your situation, saving you time, money, and frustration.  For more details, contact an experienced online restaurant furniture dealer.