Why Table and Chair Height Matters

granite restaurant tablesWhen purchasing restaurant booths, commercial bar stools, commercial chairs and restaurant tables, pay careful consideration to their height. Restaurant bar stools and chairs come in different heights, but generally most are considered either dining height or bar height. The approximate range for dining height is 29 inches to 31 inches from the floor; and for bar, height is 40 to 43 inches.

For bar stools or chairs to be comfortable, they must be matched to the correct height of your restaurant table bases. These same height considerations must factor into the design of your commercial restaurant booths. There is a certain ratio for the distance of the seating surface to the dining surface that is ergonomically comfortable to the majority of the adult population. The ratio is approximately 12 inches between the seating surface and the eating surface of the restaurant table or restaurant booth. This ratio is important when matching table bases to barstools and chairs.

Missouri Table & Chair’s commercial bar stools and restaurant table bases come in a variety of heights. We feature a collection of restaurant table bases which include a large selection in dining height, many of which are matched to the commercial chairs we sell. We also feature many bar height restaurant table bases to complete your personal style, which, best of all, you can coordinate with the varieties of commercial bar stools we carry. Many of our restaurant tables, booths and bar stools can also be customized with special finishes and specific sizes and heights if you prefer. Contact an experienced commercial furniture representative at Missouri Table & Chair for specific information.