Why Wood is Great for Restaurant Furniture

wood restaurant furnitureMany restaurants and other hospitality industries prefer commercial wood chairs, barstools and tables when they purchase furniture for their businesses.  Why do customers prefer wood furniture?  There are many reasons.  In this blog article, we will discuss just a few of the reasons wood furniture is so popular, and some of the choices and design options to consider when purchasing commercial wood furniture for your business.

Wood restaurant furniture is timeless.  Solid oak pub tables were the original saloon style tables.  Wood chairs have also been used in bars and restaurants since the days of the Wild West.  Just think back to any classic western movie you’ve watched where gunslingers get into a fight in the saloon, and break the wooden chair over their opponent’s head.  Probably those wooden chairs were props and designed to break (Missouri Table and Chair’s commercial wood chairs won’t break like that!), but that’s the look of the original Wild West wood restaurant chair.  Much of the original wooden renaissance furniture is still around.  It is now highly sought after and collectible as antique furniture.  There are many modern and contemporary designs for use in new restaurants, yet there are still plenty of classic, timeless designs that have been in use in the restaurant industry for more than a century.

Wood restaurant furniture is durable.  Quality commercial wood restaurant chairs, barstools and tables are constructed from superior hardwoods using advanced construction techniques and creating a finished product that is very durable.  Be sure to contact an experienced commercial furniture representative, as all furniture that looks the same may not be constructed the same, and a qualified representative can explain the difference and ensure that you get commercially rated wood furniture.

Wood restaurant furniture is attractive.    One of the biggest reasons wood furniture has always been so popular is because quality commercial wood furniture is attractive in almost every kind of setting.  Wood chairs, table and barstools look fantastic in any application where the warmth of wood is called for.   Wooden tables, chairs and barstools with their natural colors, or stained in a rich tone, enhance the ambiance of any location.  Wood restaurant chairs, barstools and tables come in many stain options and can be custom stained to match almost any restaurant’s color scheme.

Wood Restaurant Table Options

Just a couple of the options in wood restaurant tables at Missouri Table and Chair are butcher block table tops and solid oak pub tables.  Butcher block table tops are made by taking oak, ash, or other types of wood strips and gluing them together to make one solid surface. Natural wood may have some variation in color, which adds to the uniqueness of a butcher block top. Restaurant butcher block tables can be stained to match the colors of your setting, and then coated with a very durable finish. They are perfect for restaurants, hotels, sports bars, or any situation that needs a warm feeling.  The solid oak pub tables at Missouri Table and Chair are specifically made for the high demands of restaurants and bars.  They are easy to maintain and extremely durable.  The solid oak pub table is perfect for any application where activity at standing level is needed.  These commercial tables are made to order and custom sizes are available at great prices.

Wood Restaurant Chair and Barstool Options

Restaurant chairs and barstools manufactured from a wood frame have always been extremely popular choices in commercial furniture.  The wood frames of commercial wood chairs and barstools are available in an almost infinite array of choices.  Most of the wooden restaurant chairs and barstools sold by Missouri Table and Chair feature matching chair and barstool options.

There are many choices available to get the chair or barstool seat and back style you prefer.  Back designs are available in such features and designs as elegant, slightly fanned backs with six slants; the four slat design; a curved back providing excellent back support; solid wood backs available in many different curvatures; ladder-back designs featuring horizontal slats; and windowpane designs featuring vertical and horizontal interconnected slats.  The options available are too numerous to cover in a single article.  Just a few of the different seat options available are webbed, padded seats; sculpted seats; decorative brackets on the seat edge; and many others.  Many restaurant barstools and chairs are available with the options of unlimited choices of upholstery and finish colors, and are available in both padded and wood seat models.  You can even finish many of these commercial chairs with your own custom upholstery.

With the infinite choices and options available in commercial wood tables, chairs and barstools, consider contacting an experienced representative who can assist you with your purchase of commercial wood chairs, barstools and tables.